Woodside Park HOA

A brief history related to Woodside Park Homeowners Associations.

Woodside Park Homeowners Association - Units 1-4 was established in February 1978. The Association was renamed the same year as Woodside Park Homeowners Association - Units 2-4. There is no active Homeowners Association for Woodside Park - Unit 1.  Membership to the Woodside Homeowners Association - Units 2-4 is voluntary.

Woodside Park Homeowners Association - Units 5-6 was established in December 1979.

Woodside - Units 5 & 6 is a very small community of thirty-two lots. There are 8 lots in Unit 6 and 24 lots in Unit 5. All lots are zoned Residential and fall within the jurisdiction of the Park County Land Use regulations and the Covenants of the Woodside Units 5 & 6 Homeowners Association. Membership to the Woodside Units 5 & 6 is mandatory.

Woodside Unit 5 is in the shadow of Lions Head and is adjacent to the Staunton State Park and the very large historic Hidden Valley Ranch. Unit 6 is adjacent to the Lions Head Ranch - an open community of custom homes.

All residents of Woodside enjoy all the amenities of rural Park County with a wealth of scenic beauty, an abundance of wildlife, and a peaceful and quiet serenity. They also enjoy the benefits of urban life with the close proximity to shopping in Bailey, Aspen Park and Conifer, access to rapid transit park-n-ride, close proximity to the Pine Post Office and access to established public utilities.

All the public roads in Woodside Units 5 & 6 are maintained by Park County. All the lots, both developed and vacant, have a well and access to public utilities, including natural gas.  In addition, all residents of Woodside enjoy the benefits of outside water rights - a rare benefit to rural residential communities.

Service providers include: IREA (Intermountain Rural Electric Association), Century Link - phone and internet service, Waste Management - curb side trash service, and the emergency services of the Elk Creek Fire Protection District. USPS Mail service includes access to postal lock boxes on Mount Evans Boulevard and parcel delivery services by UPS, FedEx, and DHL.